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New Free 12 Team, 5 Keeper Player League on Fantrax

Starting up a new free 12 team, 5 player keeper league on Fantrax.

Head to head, 10 categories: goals, assists, +/-, penalty minutes, power play points, faceoff wins, wins, GAA, Save %, and shutouts.

Rosters: C (2), LW (2), RW (2), D (4), G (2), UTL (1), Bench (5), IR (5)... IR is for any player with an injury, short term or long term.

The keeper cost is based on the draft position from the prior year. For example, if you drafted a player in the 1st round, he will cost you a 1st round pick to keep this year.

Players are allowed to be kept for three years... the year you drafted them, plus two keeper years. After that time, the player will go back into the draft pool.

Undrafted free agent pickups are considered last round keepers.

If you have multiple keepers in the same round, you can keep the other(s) with the pick(s) ahead of the round the player was drafted with. For example, if you have two last round keepers (18th round), I can keep one with a 17th round pick and the other with the 18th round pick.

For now, draft picks will not be able to be traded.

This is a 12 team league with 6 playoff teams. The top two teams will receive byes for the 1st round of the playoffs. The bottom 6 teams will play in a consolation bracket where the winner of the consolation bracket will win the 1st overall pick in the draft next season.

The rest of the draft order will be based on reverse order of the regular season record for the bottom 6 teams and based on order of elimination in the playoffs for the 6 playoff teams with the tiebreaker being regular season record. So, if two teams are eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs, the team with the worst record in the regular season will receive the better draft position.

We would have normal free agent free for all on pickups with 1 day waiver processing for dropped players and new players added to the league player pool that is based on reverse order of the standings, reset every Monday at 2 am est.

Since we'd be starting mid-season, the goal is for the league to begin scoring on Monday December 5. Trade deadline would be Friday March 3rd and playoffs would begin on Monday March 20th.

The goal is to get people to join this league who are very active and interested in hockey. Fantrax allows us to do a slow draft. Therefore, we would begin the draft as soon as the league is full. Once the league is full, the draft order will be randomized by Fantrax and the owner of the 1st pick can then make the selection via the draft room. From there, Fantrax will e-mail the owner of the next pick each time. I have set it for a 12 hr time limit in between picks which allows us time to make our pick in case someone can't make the pick right away.

If I have the right people joining this league, we will never reach that time limit. The goal is to make picks as quickly as possible without locking us into a set draft time... which can sometimes be hard to settle on when putting together a league quickly.

If interested, e-mail me at I will send you a league invite.

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