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Keeper League, trade help!

I just got offered a one to one trade. He would send me Ristolainen, and I would send him Byfuglien.

For our league goals count as 2 pts while assists count as 1 point.

Last year Byfuglien and Ristolainen each recorded about 34 assists while Byfuglien had 10 more goals. Obviously right now Byfuglien would get me more points, the question is in a keeper league with Byfuglien being 31 and Ristolainen being 21, is this a trade I should make?


  • LofunzoLofunzo Posts: 35Member, Moderator mod

    How long do you realistically expect this league to be in existence? If you really think that it'll be around for more than 5 years, I'd make the deal. If not, the age difference really doesn't matter.

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