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Need New Owners - ESPN H2H Most Categories Keepers League (4th Year). AUCTION Draft in two weeks.

CryptogenarianCryptogenarian Posts: 5Member
edited September 2016 in Fantasy Hockey Classifieds

We have are a deep league that lost a handful of owners this off-season due to family and personal issues. Along with a couple of open spots we already had and we're down almost half our ownership roster.

We have teams with GREAT deals on incredible keepers for this format still available like Ovi, Malkin, Pavelski Brian Elliott and more. And keepers have NOT YET been chosen (Sun Oct 2nd).

This is a free league CURRENTLY.

Here is the link to check out one of the team pages:

And here is a link to the format page (I'm not sure if you'll be able to view this one or not...)

Auction budget is $280 and Draft is scheduled for Oct 9, right before our first match-up week.


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