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This Month's Leaders

$50 CBS Minors/prospects-Deep rosters -Salary Auction Contracts-Expert level knowledge required

$50.00 for the hockey expert is not too much to ask, this is an extreme hockey/NHL challenge. Most leagues like this cost $100+. All money goes back to prizes after CBS fees. $300 for 1st, $150 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd. Deep rosters, complex league, but don't worry, you don't need to know about all the rules, if you have something in mind, just e-mail the commish and the answer will come, it is not necessary to memorize the rules. Only 4 spots have ever come open here in the 8 years we have been around, when your in, you don't want to leave. I have two teams open, and we are in the middle of the prospect draft. For the open teams, I am taking the best players from the current draft class. PLEASE hockey fans. This is a good league, and no one is asking about it!! I don't understand. If you want low level competition, play the public leagues that offer small rosters that you can flip every week. This league requires skill and NHL/hockey knowledge, from the 2 drafts per season, signing and resigning players, trades and finding the right mix to win the Championship. Come on, stop playing in boring leagues, come and get one of the last two spots left in the best hockey league IN THE WORLD!!


  • Flames2015Flames2015 Posts: 7Member

    OK, so we have finished the prospect draft, and now working on any resignings the teams want to do. When a contract comes to term, any 1 year players can be resigned at an increasing rate for each player signed. We need some replacements soon before the auction draft. There has to be someone out there that wants a spot in a high end league, with solid players and a 8 year history.

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