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Real-team league needs replacement GM

I am a long-time fantasy sports commissioner looking for replacement GMs going into next season.

I have run a real-team keeper baseball league for the last ten years and am using the same setup for hockey.

I currently need a replacement for the Vancouver Canucks. The team is currently 0-6 because of a GM who was not active. However, a very active GM can turn this team around.

We're only looking for active managers. My leagues have been able to survive this long because of active managers. CAUTION: This is a very complex league. It's not hard to get, but it's more than just picking players and going. We have a 15-page rule book that will explain it all. Minor and junior leagues will be a part of the game, so expect a lot of time and research.

The best part: it's free! All my leagues are free to play, but that doesn't make them any less competitive.

If you are interested, please send me an email at Let me know your fantasy hockey background, as that could be a tie-breaker if we have multiple requests. When I hear from you, I'll send you a link to our site and a copy of the rulebook to look over.

Thanks and good luck to everyone this season,


Commissioner, International Fantasy Hockey League


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