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Trade Offer

I was offered Nathan MacKinnon, Chris Kreider and a 2nd for Evgeni Malkin, Sam Bennett and a 5th, should I take it?


  • LofunzoLofunzo Posts: 35Member, Moderator mod

    This is apparently a keeper, so it would help to know how many you keep, in order to calculate the value of the picks. That said, I like the upside of MacKinnon and Kreider but Malkin is a top player, when healthy. I tend to go with proven talent over potential. The only way that I would do this is if you keep a lot of players and are in serious need of a rebuild. Even then, I'd think long and hard about rejecting.

  • WebmasterColinWebmasterColin Posts: 2Member

    Another thing to consider is that 3rd and 5th round picks aren't 3rd and 5th round caliber picks in keeper leagues since the top 64 - 96 or so players are already taken. Also the acquisition of Kessel means that there will be less pressure on Malkin to a certain extent.

  • ElsyElsy Posts: 5Member

    I would do the deal but ask for a 1st rounder in return not a 2nd. If he won't do that don't include Sam Bennett just Malkin and the 5th.

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