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Martin St. Louis

Martin St. Louis Missing Next Two Weeks A Blessing In Disguise?
by Steven Carollo 4d ago

Martin St. Louis is having a very up and down season with the New York Rangers in 2014-15, filled with many hot and cold streaks. That being said, however, St. Louis is still 3rd on the team in points with 47 and 2nd on the team in goals with 20.

Last game against the Florida Panthers at Madison Square Garden, late in the 3rd period, St. Louis’ leg bent awkwardly and after he skated to the bench he said to Rangers’ medical trainer Jim Ramsey that something popped in his knee. Immediately, most Rangers’ fans held their breath and were worried about an ACL injury because an injury of that extent would definitely sideline St. Louis for the remainder of the regular season and postseason, which would be a huge blow to this Rangers’ team.

But when St. Louis skated to the Rangers’ locker room near the end of the 3rd period against the Panthers, the key was that he was able to skate off to the locker room on his own with no help. It is highly improbable that if you tore your ACL that you would be able to skate to the locker room on your own, so after I saw St. Louis do that I was at least somewhat optimistic that it was not a season ending injury. However, if you know me by now, you know that I am a pessimist so I was preparing myself to hear that St. Louis would be done for the entire season, including the playoffs.

However, it was announced yesterday afternoon that St. Louis will be out the next 10-14 days in what looks like a mild knee sprain. Now while you never want a player on your team to get injured, I feel this injury to St. Louis could be a blessing in disguise to both him and the Rangers.

I mean St. Louis is now 39 years of age. He does not have many seasons left and is not the same player he once was. That being said though, he always seems to rise up to the occasion in the postseason, and in St. Louis’ advanced age for the sport of hockey, as long as the injury is not serious and he will be fully healed in 10-14 days, why wouldn’t it be best for St. Louis and the Rangers for him to have the next two weeks off?

A refreshed and healthy St. Louis going into the postseason could play a huge factor for the Rangers come playoff time.

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