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Simmonds/Pastrnak for Benn?

In a keeper league, both Simmonds & Benn are keepers. Forget about Pastrnak in this deal because I won't keep him, he's just a throw in that's been requested. Our league scores like this:

Goals (G) = 3 pts
Penalty Minutes (PIM) = 0.3 pts
Power Play Points (PPP) = 1 pt
Assists (A) = 2 pts
Short-Handed Goals (SHG) = 2 pts
Hits = 0.3 pts

You can see that Simmonds has scored 190.5 points this year (averaging 3.0/ppg), Benn has socred 215 points this year (averaging 3.4/ppg).

I like Simmonds a lot because he's essentially equivalent to a 5-tool player in Hockey (PIMs, G, A, Hits, PPP), but I'd be crazy to not trade for Benn...right??? Especially since they are both keepers. Any help would be great, thanks.

Wayne Simmonds, Phi LW, RW 25 (G) 18 (A) 50 (PIM) 21 (PPP) 0 (SHG) 145 (HITS) 190.5 (pts) 3.0 (ppg/average)

Jamie Benn, Dal LW, C 23 (G) 38 (A) 58 (PIM) 13 (PPP) 2 (SHG) 92 (HITS) 215 (pts) 3.4 (ppg/average)


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