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How would you maneuver this trade offer?

I'm playing in this league (stats counted are in the screenshot):

The above screenshot also has the members of my team.

This trade is proposed to me:

Although I'm okay with getting Gaborik back, I don't like the returns of Toffoli and Kopitar. Especially since I have Brown already, and he has better stats on hits, not to mention getting more power play and penalty killing time.

Here are the rest of the players he has:

How would you counter a trade?


  • LofunzoLofunzo Posts: 35Member, Moderator mod

    While not terrible, I don't like the fact that you would have to drop a player and you would be losing a goalie. Your goaltending is extremely weak. You should be making deals to clean it up and not diminish it further. Buying low on Kopitar isn't a bad idea but this offer isn't that. He wants high value for him and that shouldn't happen now.

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